Traffic Zone Art’s 22nd Annual Spring Open Studio

You are invited to visit the artists at Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art. Work will be available for sale in a variety of media including: drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture.

The Art of Renewal

The Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art is pleased to celebrate Open Studio 2017. In addition to our usual festivities, artists are creating work for a special sale, priced at $500 or less, with proceeds going to the buyer's choice of three notable nonprofits.

American Civil Liberties

Union Planned Parenthood

and the Southern Poverty Law Center

First Floor

110 Jantje Visscher        

Jo-Anne Reske Kirkman        

Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin 114 Paul Kwok

114 Pauk Kwok

Second Floor

200 Perci Chester

204 James Conaway

208 Vesna Kittelson

212 Rebecca Pavlenko

216 Patrick K. Pryor

220 Jodi Reeb

224 Chip Schilling

228 Jon Neuse        

Amanda Degener

232 Bruce Hudson

236 Steve Ozone

240 Jil Evans

Third Floor

300 Lisa Nankivil          

Ardy Magnussen          

Kathryn A. Richards

304  Kristie Bretzke

308 Harriet Bart

312 Jim Dryden

316  Carl Bretzke

320  Bette Globus Goodman          

Valerie Carpender

324  Howard Oransky

328  Harold B. Stone

332  Bonnie Heller

340  Ellie Kingsbury






Bernice Ficek-swenson

stone voices

march 13 to april 14, 2017

Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and by appointment

Traffic Zone Gallery presents Jantje Visscher: Motion

Traffic Zone presents Stone Voices, an exhibition of artworks by Bernice Ficek-Swenson. The exhibition includes a large-scale installation of black and white photographs accompanied with narratives written by 6 contributors. Incorporated are stones from evocative locations such as D-Day Beach, Ganges River, Pompeii, and a beloved Lake Superior Cove. Each "story" tells a history or description of the landscape/geology and a personal reaction to each site. The exhibition includes two suites of photogravure prints and an artist book that thematically reference the installation. he Here/Now/Then photogravure suite was created during an artist residency at Izote Editions in Mexico with a unique edition of color photogravures hand-printed by the artist for this exhibition.